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Craig Massie Realtor | Crozet Real Estate

About Me

From One Coast To Another

I have been in hundreds (maybe even thousands) of stunning homes, many of which I viewed behind a rolling camera while working in Hollywood for more than a decade. It was filming in these movie-worthy homes and neighborhoods that first sparked my passion for real estate. I love finding the characteristics and details that make a home unique, whether its a mansion in Beverly Hills or a scenic cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

I enjoy combining my years of experience scouting locations for “the best of” and my love of film to create videos and content about the Charlottesville area and real estate. My goal is to allow my clients to learn something new about the region and feel confident going into their real estate transaction.

When I’m not busy helping my clients find the perfect property or sell their current home, I enjoy going on adventures with my family, exploring the Virginia outdoors, and woodworking. Fun Fact: I helped my father custom build our family home and I love fixing up houses on the side.

Find my real estate video content on YouTube or Instagram: @badcatcraig

My Big Moments

Born in Bountiful Utah

May 1986 – Top Gun came out the same weekend I was born!

Video Camera

My parents bought a video camera and I instantly fell in love with making home movies. My greatest hits were Underwear Man One and Underwear Man Two. That’s right, I wore underwear on my head to fight crime.

Helped Build The Home I Grew Up In

My parents always had the dream of building a home. Lucky for me, I was just old enough to sand down 300+ boards for the kitchen and dining room floor! I learned so much about construction and how hard work and perseverance pays off in the end.

Graduated High School

After hearing it would look good on my resume, I ran for class president and won. I don’t remember doing a single class president responsibility and I didn’t get a job because I had it on my resume.

Me In Front of a camera

Decided to Attend Film School In Orlando

At Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida I learned so much about film that I just had to get to Hollywood!

Moved to Pasadena, California

Fortunately some high school buddies went to college in LA, so I was able to crash on their couch till we all got a place together. All 9 of us… in 4 Bedrooms, one dude slept in the entryway.

My Big Break

I was a grip on the film “Mother and Child” with Naomi Watts and Samuel L. Jackson.  After this I moved on to music videos, short films, tv shows! I lost count, but I think I’m at 300 film productions that I was honored to be apart of.

Met My Wife

Happiest time of my life!

Key Grip of a Netflix Show

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell was one of my favorite shows to be apart of. Working with puppets is the best!

First Boy Arrives

Who thought having a kid would change my whole outlook on life?

Second Boy Arrives

Who thought having a second kid would mean I really should change my life to give these boys the best life?

Received My California Real Estate License

I needed to make a career switch to fully enjoy spending time with my family and watch my kids grow.

Moved to Virginia

After my wife’s family all moved to Crozet, Virginia…. We decided to make the big leap and move as well! Having the Grandparents within walking distance is something we only dreamed of and now it’s a reality.

Avenue Realty Logo

Joined Avenue Realty in Charlottesville

This brokerage changed my real estate career in Virginia. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you Avenue!

“Craig Massie and Avenue Realty are the best! My husband and I just bought our first house and we got the best experience with them. As first time home-buyers, we didn’t know what or where to start, so we google places to check them out and this place was our first try and we’re glad we went with them.

We talked first with Amy, she told us she will find the right person to help us, and couple days after we met Craig. He is awesome and very nice! As first time home buyers, there is a lot of overwhelming information to learn and he went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable every step of the way.

No matter what, he was available for us 24/7 even afterward closing. He is very persistent and interested in helping. We are very satisfied and forever grateful to him for making our dream a reality that seemed impossible. My husband and I love worked with Craig, and we highly recommend him and Avenue Realty.
Thank you Craig!!!!”


“Joe Porterfield and Craig Massie did an amazing job of selling our property quickly for more than our asking price! But that was just the half of what they did: First, they also got the house ready to show by fixing various problems, getting it cleaned, staging the interiors, managing the contractors required to get it ready, etc. They were also very responsive and pleasant to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


“Craig was timely, understanding, and very well educated on the markets in Harrisonburg, Staunton, and the surrounding areas. He helped me and my wife as second time home buyers from another state understand laws regulations and how things typically operate in the area. I highly recommend him.”